You are rich of 86 400…

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“Imagine that every morning a bank opens a credited account of 86 400 euros for you.
But there are 2 rules to respect: the first is that what will not have been spent during the day will be taken away from your account in the evening. In addition you can’t cheat, or transfer any money to another account.

And every morning the Bank opens a new credit account of 86 400 euros for your day.

The second rule is that… the Bank may interrupt this game anytime without notice, it can tell you that it is over, that it will close the account and that there won’ be any new one…

This bank exists, we have it all, it is life, it is time.
Each morning, when waking up, we are credited with 86 400 seconds of life for the day.
In the evening, when we go to sleep, all that was not lived or experienced during the day is lost.

And every day, it starts again BUT it can stop at any time.”

What is your plan to spend your 86 400 seconds today?
Which great project will you develop today?
Make sure each of your project is a SMART one, meaning:
Not just a concept, but an objective that is very specific, that you can describe in detail
– Can you measure it clearly (what will you need to implement it: internal or external resources, how much time and energy will you invest in it, …)?
– Is it achievable, action oriented?
– Is it a reasonable project for the day?
– And how do you organize yourself to wrap it up before the end of the day in an “ecological” manner for yourself and the ones who you will involve together with you
– How do you decide and manage not to allocate any of this precious time to negative thoughts or stress but positive and enjoy each second?
And remember “Life is a journey and not a destination!”

I wish you a great and fruitful day!