What you sow is what you will harvest

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“What we create within ourselves is always reflected on the outside.
Such is the law of the universe”- Shakti Gawain

One evident thing in a garden is that What you sow is what you will harvest.
As a man sows, so shall he reap. If we want to harvest flowers, for example, we sow flowers seeds. Nothing surprising here.
But what a flower seed really is?
For sure, it is not an empty shell which aspires to become a carrot. It is not either a vegetable seed which strongly hopes to metamorphose into a flower. No, a flower seed is a seed which already contains the essence of the flower. The magic of the nature operates and brings it to develop and grow, but everything is there from the very beginning. It is already filled with what it will become.
“What you reap is what you sow” It is the simplest of all principles …
But we often do the opposite, without realizing: we sow empty shells or vegetable seeds, and we are surprised not to harvest the so wished flower. We sow some «I hope… “, some “I am tired of …”, or ” why do not I have… ” or “I wish I had…” – empty shells and wonder why we experience difficulties to move forward.
The magic key is that we do not sow what we wish by wanting it intensely, but by having it already – by being already filled with it. We sow what we wish not by wishing it, but by carrying the essence of what we want inside of us. In the same way as the flower seed already carries inside of her the future flower.

Can you feel the strength and power of this principle?
So, vibrate intensely, stop forcing pointlessly, let the magic of nature operate and say a beautiful big yes to your spontaneous run-ups and to the opportunities which you will come across.
What do you feel about this?
Which seed do you have and will grow?
I wish you a generous harvest!
I’d be happy if you’d share some feedbacks.

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