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A problem is defined as : “A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. A thing difficult to achieve or accomplish.”

The important word here for me is “regarded”. We can indeed decide to regard things as problems, but we also can choose to look at them as “situations” or “circumstances” and this changes everything!!

Taking into account the number of times we use the word “problem” every day, are we sure that this is the best choice? Did you ever take time to think about or better to feel the impact the word “problem” has on you and on the way you look and will manage what happens to you?

The word “problem” itself induces negative emotions – it’s unwelcome, harmful, difficult, painful, complicated…. All these adjectives which always stick to the word “problem” and deeply impact on the manner, the energy you’ll spend to handle it.

What if you decided to adopt another approach, a more positive one, a lighter one engaging less emotions from the very beginning and looked or spoke not about “problems”, but preferred the word “situations”.

The word “situation” is defined as: “a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself, a state of affairs”. Can you feel how much lighter this is? From this point of view, a situation opens options and choices which clearly a “problem” does not when it “falls on your shoulders”!

You can decide not to “problematize” things but to look at them from a more external, neutral, distanced, less emotional stand point, and you will immediately gain energy and creativity from this approach to manage your life.

In front of a situation, or circumstances, the next step goes to analyzing the context, thinking about the different options to handle or manage it. You can then evaluate the + and – of each of the options and finally build-up your timely strategy to manage, handle this situation or circumstances.

I suggest you try this approach and share later with me your feedbacks!


By Marie Lucchini
Certified Executive, Team & Career Transition coach
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