The story of the boiling frog

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A urban legend says that if you put a frog into boiling water, it will of course jump instantly to escape. But if the water is pleasantly warm at the beginning and heats gradually, the frog will remain there until that it is scalded and finally dies. The frog would indeed be unable to detect the gradual increase of the temperature in time.
This example is often used in economics, business and marketing to indicate that a change must be gradual to succeed.
The example also illustrates an aspect of the human psychology: we tend to accept things that set up slowly but steadily (misinformation and guilt helping), even when they take control of our lives.

However, we eventually wake up one day and find ourselves in boiling water.

How warm is the water you are in right now? How does your environment suit you or not? Do you make sure you do not accept the inacceptable?

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By Marie Lucchini

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