“The Pencil Allegory”

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Here is a great story I heard recently and wanted to share with you.
This is the story of a young person who loved pencils. They remind her of her carefree childhood and that is why she has developed a special relationship with them.

One day she took a beautiful brand new pencil and started talking to it …!

“My dear pencil… I have 5 important tips to share with you if you want to succeed in your pencil life  …

First, you must understand that you will get nowhere if you stay alone. So you must accept to be held and guided by the hand that will choose you in this great pencil box.

Then, in order to stay well-honed, you will need to accept to be sharpened from time to time. It will not be pleasant, but this is the only way you can keep offering your best.

Third, you must understand that you have the right to make mistakes and that the little pink easer stuck at your end is there to help you correct your mistakes.

The fourth point is very important. Your lead is protected by the wood you’re done with. Always protect your lead, your ‘inner self’, in order to have the greatest impact on the sheets you will cover and mark your trace.

Finally, never forget that your purpose is to write over and over again. Your utility will disappear if you stay cooped up in a pen tray or drawer.

So go out, as often as possible and explore the world. Seek for endless sources of inspiration to complete your mission.

And never forget: “Words vanish, writings – and therefore acts – remain!“. In everything you do, you will always leave a mark. You will always be remembered especially if you have done good things to others. “Failure leaves a lesson and winning leaves us a mark”. Everything you do teaches you a lesson to remember in this wheel of life”

YOU are like this pencil in a way …

1 – You need guides to move forward with confidence.

2 – You may undergo painful sharpening which will make you a better pencil. Never lose hope for that experience will be your weapon in striving more in the future. It will make you stronger and more responsible.

3 – You do not need to be perfect and you have the right to make mistakes. You will almost always be able to correct your mistakes. Remember they are very great teachers. Just use the best eraser and continue to write again. After all, no one is perfect.

4 – What is important is what is inside. Enrich your heart and always protect it from harmful waves.

5 – And the most important is to be the most pencil you can be, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by the hand that hold you. Strike not for perfection but for excellence. Be the best in your own way.


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