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Hundreds of mails in your mail box? Here is an easy & quick remedy that will help you to clean it!

First thing in the morning, you turn on your computer, phone, ipad, … and what? You are immediately overwhelmed with hundreds of mails waiting for you…. How many are they, one hundred? Several hundred? More? Thousands? Waouh! Thought! …

Where to start? How to deal with this permanent flood? You could decide to dedicate one whole day to cleaning your mail box and processing each and all of them one by one. This will of course provide you a feeling of relief, but at the same time it will drain so much energy that you won’t dedicate to some more productive work…

Relax… Here is a solution! You do not even imagine how quickly and easily you will solve this buy following the below steps.

  1. Create a “RESPOND” file in which you’ll select the Top 30 to 40 mails that are really important and need a quick answer or action from you. Limit yourself to this number beyond which you won’t be efficient anymore.
  2. Create a “FILE” file for the mails that contain some interesting, useful information that you do not need to read immediately but wish to keep.
  3. Create a “SOCIAL” file and put there all the informal mails you receive from the multiple social medias you subscribed to – newsletters, new discussions, … that you won’t have any way time to read now but wish to keep and could check later.
  4. Delete all the other mails from your mailbox!! You won’t read them anyway…

And do not worry, if you miss something really important, you can count on your correspondents and on the current global impatience to remind you about it…

Have a look at your mailbox! How does it feel to see it empty?!

Now you can focus on the “RESPOND” file and process the mails that are really important and need action.

Your mailbox is now clean and you do not want to be submerged again in a few days right?

If you follow the following basics, you can remain the captain on board:

  1. Turn off email notifications on your computer, mobile phone, ipad,… not to be disturb every minute by incoming emails and messages.
  2. Schedule and stick to scheduled limited time slots dedicated to reading and processing your mails. Do not let your counterparts imagine and feel that you are 7/24 available. You want to plan your day, manage your time and escape from the pressure of instantaneity that emails, sms, mms,… impose us.
  3. Delete and unsubscribe from all non-important and unneeded social media sites, newsletters, groups … you have subscribed to during the pasts years and that you never open anyway!
  4. Limit as much as possible the number of possible answers to your mails using the opened/closed sentences & questions and being as precise and clear as possible.
  5. Limit the number of CC and qualify better the list of your correspondents to limit the number of going back and forth mails on a topic which does not deserve it.
  6. Limit the number of mails you send. Did you notice how easily and quickly you often solve a simple question over the phone when it may take dozen of incoming and outgoing mails…
  7. You can also find on the internet a number of interesting tools that can also help you to better manage your mail box. For example on gmail the “priority Inbox” tool  sorts automatically the incoming mails. You may want to explore these tools to optimize your scheduled mails time slots.

Time is our most precious treasure. Every minute that passes is unique and will never be again.

Do not waste your precious time on emails or things that do not deserve it.

Take action and implement the strategies to free yourself from the pressure and stress that all this modern technology puts on you and remain the captain on board!

We’d be happy if you would share some of your strategies and comments on this topic.


By Marie Lucchini
Certified Executive, Team & Career Transition coach
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