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Sometimes ago I started to dig into the world of new technologies.
The goal was to create a website, a blog, get myself out there on Social Medias so to develop a communication strategy and build a visibility for my activities.

Digging into it, came to my mind the following thoughts:

Never the means of communication have been as developed as nowadays.
Individuals never had so many opportunities and ways to relating to others.
Never the amount of information available and in circulation has been as important as today.
Never sharing of knowledge, information, communication via the Internet, social networks has reached such a magnitude.

An interesting recent survey ( mentions that:

– 30% of the worldwide population now using internet ( people)
– 35 BILLION of hours are spent per month on internet which is equivalent to 3.009.444 years!
– The global internet user spends 16 hours per month on internet. In the States it reaches 32 hours.
– Recent researches show that over 144 billion emails are sent daily and this number is expected to rise to well over 190 billion by 2016.
– The e-mail became THE way of communication by excellence, one of the most effective means available to reach and market to a broad audience from a business standpoint with an undeniable efficiency.

And what to say about social medias?
– It is an evidence that social technologies have broken the barriers of space and time, enabling us to connect  24/24 and 7/7 with more people than ever before
– There are now more than 900 million people on Facebook, a few billion tweets per week on Twitter and over a hundred million blogs
– Some recent surveys in the States show that about 39% of Americans now spend more time socializing online than they do in person. Nearly 20% of them even prefer communication via text or the internet over talking face to face or on the phone
– At work, researches show that the new generations – which will count for more than 50% of the workforce by 2020 – prefer to use instant messaging or other social media than stop by an office and talk with someone.

I know many figures… but put all together I found them really impressive! Giving an idea of the magnitude of this global phenomenon!

People are so busy and overwhelmed with the increasing number of emails, updates, tweets, pins, messages, pictures, videos and other types of information flying their way constantly they do not take/have the needed time to really read the content. Instead, people merely skim the emails or documents they receive. It seems that the “shortest the best”. Elaborated answers are getting rare. At best you get a “like” or a “share” click, a smiley in replacement of a detailed answer.

This has created an unprecedented paradox.

We are more connected – but at the same time potentially or indeed more disconnected – than ever before.

As human beings, our only real method of connection is through authentic communication. It is well known that only 20% of our communication is based on the written or verbal communication and 80% is based on nonverbal communication (body language). Emotions are pretty difficult to share or interpret via text. Each of us has many examples of emails coming back and forth just to schedule dinner or try to explain some very simple things.

Does it mean that we go more for quantity than quality?
Do we prefer Superficiality versus authenticity?

Never loneliness has been touching such a large number of people feeling alone, isolated and abandoned around the world.

Never the number of conflicts – economic, political, religious, cultural – have been as many as currently

Individualism is becoming a dominant trait in our present western societies

What do you think about this?
How many hours do you spend connected versus having face to face relationships with your friends, relatives, colleagues?
If applying the well-known Pareto Law of 20/80 here, quality/quantity, are you happy with the “return on connection” that you get versus the time you dedicate to your social medias?

I’d be really happy to get your feelings and comments from you on this.
It would, on top, show me that yes you did read this post entirely. I thank you for this!