Executive Coaching


" Vision without action is only a dream. Action without vision
is wasting time. Vision and Action can change the world "


Old proverb

Executive coaching

Potential, competencies, capabilities development and performance, a continuous goal at Coach-Executives through a customized quality and results-focused approach.

Successful Executive Coaching links a business focus strategy with human processes by closely aligning the executives ‘development with critical business needs. The goal is to unlock individuals ‘potential, enhance individual’s capability to better perform their role.

  • Developing potential and performance
  • Securing alignment between personal and professional goals
  • Aligning motivation and values to achieve greater results and progress
  • Developing self-confidence, self reflection, self motivation, creativity, problem solving
  • Enhancing motivation & fulfillment, Improving operational / managerial Effectiveness,
  • increasing job satisfaction, improving retention.

Team Coaching


“ No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it ”


H.E. Luccock

a team working together

Building and maintaining effective teams is an ongoing challenge for many companies. The current business climate is shaping the way people work together and requires new approaches and permanent adaptation.

At Coach-Executives, our team coaching approach is centered on the team as an original unique system whose performance and results depend on the interactive operational responsibility of each and every members. Our Team coaching process efficiently helps to create a collective breakthrough which contributes in a very concrete manner to the development of an effective, results-oriented entrepreneurial and intercultural organizational environment.

Among the benefits you can expect, our team coaching program with Coach-Executives:

  • Opens up communication channels
  • Builds on the strengths of the team
  • Establishes “rules of engagement”
  • Streamlines priorities
  • Stimulates creativity and “thinking out of the box” attitude
  • Develops mutual respect, empathy and trust
  • Improves performance quality
  • Identifies and works through barriers to performance
  • Builds ritual of success
  • Improves performance quality

An innovative, structured, systemic approach and results-driven process in 3 steps:


Giving sense, purpose and vision: allow each team member to discover and measure how much his work is essential to the rest of the team, that it aims at respecting their own values and contributes to the common effort so to reach a motivating and shared goal.


Working on recognition and rewarding to each and every team member according to her/his own needs and to the standards of your organization.We readjust these 3 steps on permanent basis according to the team’s needs, results and progress. Final meeting with feedback and evaluation of progress and results.


Empowering and giving autonomy: demonstrate to each and every team member that each one counts and is recognized for the quality of her/his contribution, through setting clear rules and goals, providing a constant support and a constructive feedback.

Career transition Coaching


We believe sustainable organization success depends in great part on how well its leaders have a fair balance between organizational and individual outcomes.

In this new world, successful individuals need to find ways to permanently adjust and align their personal values, goals and priorities with their organization’s ones.

Our job affects our Whole lives’ balance and economy. Our coaching program aims at helping you to mobilize your inner resources…

  • You are in transition between two roles?
  • You received a promotion and will face new managerial responsibilities?
  • Your organization is going through major organizational changes?
  • You will soon relocate to a new role in another part of the world and feel pressure from your family?
  • Coaching is a unique tool that empowers people to do and be at their very best. Why not make it also work for you when you need it the most?

"Life is like a book with many different chapters...
The key to being a success is to never stop on a difficult page, to never quit
on a tough chapter. Champions have the courage to keep turning
the pages because they know a better chapter lies ahead.“


Author unknown