The solution you need

Online coaching the solution you need

As an executive:

  • You are under time pressure, you are overloaded, travelling intensively?
  • You quickly need an “à la carte” basis an efficient and professional support to solve a question, a situation?
  • You want to speak to a trained, experienced and certified professional who will, on confidential bases, listen to you, help you to solve quickly the situation?

As a corporation or an human ressources professional:

  • You want to offer to some of your Executives or Managers the benefits of a number of individual Online coaching  “à la carte”  to work on specific goals, develop some competencies, skills whenever they need and from where they are or work?

Online Coaching

An ‘‘a la carte’’, easy access to the professional coaching support that is critical to your success to:

  • Generate the keys to your performance: Awareness, Responsibility, Commitment,…
  • Prepare a strategic decision or plan
  • Develop your time management efficiency
  • Manage your stress
  • Develop your leadership and management skills
  • Develop your interpersonal relationships management
  • Work on conflict management
  • Get ready for a public speech

Why Online Coaching


Online Coaching is the most efficient, time and cost effective turnkey solution that is just right to support your needs

the world

Online Coaching allows you to work, on “A la carte” basis,  from anywhere and whenever you need it, with your coach using all distance coaching channels (telephone, skype, online chat, …)


Online Coaching is a powerful, efficient proved, flexible, quick, easy-to use, tailor made, secure and confidential solution that will save you time and money for a high ROI


Online Coaching Extends time limits, distance and scale of face-to-face coaching. It greatly extends the power and effectiveness of your coaching session and increases the benefits, value and gains you get

How does it work ?

We use a methodology and tools designed to meet today’s business needs, to better understand, monitor and manage your coaching process, develop your potential, improve your effectiveness by releasing your particular contribution to the successful pursuit of your personal and/or organizational objectives.


Identify goals and objectives


Explore, assess current situation and options


Elaborate strategy and design action plan


Determine resources, time lines and measurements


Deploy action, evaluate outcomes