About Coaching

We like to use analogies in our work and to express how unique coaching is for those who experience it, how much it helps in a very concrete manner to move forward and reach one’s goals as an individual, a team or an organization.

Growing business

 Have you ever seen a tree shrinking ?

The nature is meant to grow, bloom, surpass itself. So are human beings! And sometimes, as plants, they need a good gardener, not to grow them by force of course. It is totally useless to pull at a blade of grass to grow it faster!
But to bring some compost to the ground, clean weeds, pour water on the good seeds or allow each branch to breathe well, grow and express its full potential.

This is the beauty and the purpose of Coaching: provide the support and guidance needed to Grow, move forward and surpass oneself thanks to a limited, punctual and professional support.

In a punctual and tailored way, we guide you to build a vision, discover and deploy your inner motivation and potential, elaborate winning strategies to achieve your personal, strategic and operational goals, enhance your global performance.

What does a Coach-Executives Coach do?


You need someone external – your Coach, a trained professional and facilitator – to see you and guide you towards your real you.

Our role is to provide you with structure, foundation and support so that you self-generate the positive changes and reach the results you want.

We develop a tailor made process that enables you to gain clarity about who you are, where do you want to go and who do you want to be.

We create a safe environment, a fully impartial and confidential relationship in which you will see yourself more clearly.

We help you to clarify your ideas, set goals, mobilize strengths and resources, break your own barriers, identify gaps between where you are standing and where do you want to go, between who you are now and who do you want to become.

We guide you in developing a solid strategy and action to plan to reach your goals.

At Coach-Executives we guide the construction of the structure, accountability and support you need to ensure sustainable commitment and results.

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Coaching is not Consulting, Mentoring or Therapy


We are not consultants

The Coach works on the awareness and the development of your inner motivation, qualities, competencies, resources, whereas the Consultant/Trainer aims at downloading information, bringing new knowledge, selling expertise, bringing solutions to fill a gap or perfect a knowledge.


We are not therapists

We do not dig in past, diagnose, heal or have a problem focused approach. We do not do into “Why that does not go”, but “How to make things better and move on”. The process of coaching favors awareness of what is conscious and accessible to change.


We are not mentors

The mentor typically is an expert in a field, industry or in a company who acts as an advisor, a guide. The mentor aims at downloading information, correcting, showing solutions, protecting, teaching. It is more of a one way, training-driven relationship.

The benefits

The benefits of coaching are as diversified and wide as the range of individuals, teams or organization involved.

Most individuals report how much their coaching positively impacted their careers and lives by helping them to:

  • Be more aware of themselves
  • Better develop a vision, build strategies to reach goals
  • Better take action to reach their objectives
  • Become more self-confident
  • Improve a lot their job and life satisfaction
  • Contribute in a much more efficient manner to their team and organization
  • Take greater responsibility and be more accountable for their actions and commitments
  • Become more efficient, creative, positive and productive when interacting with others (family, friends, peers, direct reports, boss)
  • Communicate more efficiently
  • Better adapt to their new international assignment and local Teams

Some of the most common benefits described by organizations include:

  • Improved internal communication and relationships
  • Improved management collaborative internal practices
  • Improved job satisfaction and employee retention
  • Improved professional development, leadership skills, global vision and strategy management
  • Increased confidence and empowerment
  • Improved organizational quality and alignment
  • Enhanced bottom line, including profit, quality, productivity & innovation
  • Enhanced public perception

ROI of a Coaching with Coach-Executives

return on investment



How much time and energy do you waste every day trying to juggle all of your responsibilities? What will be the cost at the end of the year? Coaching will help you to improve your time management skills and save a lot of time, nerves and money!

How often do you get stressed and frustrated at work? How do you manage these situations? What is the coast at the end of the year? What if you developed your stress management capacities to better handle these situations? How much would you save?

How many employees will you fail to retain if you don’t develop your leadership skills  and how much this will cost you to search and replace them?

A MetrixGlobal LLC study (for a Fortune 500 firm and Pyramid Resource Group) found that “Coaching produced a 529% ROI and significant intangible benefits to business. Including the financial benefits from employee retention boosted the overall ROI to 788%.”

Another global survey by PWC, ICF and the Assoc. Resource Centre shows that the average ROI of executive coaching was 7 times the initial investment. More than a quarter reported a ROI of 10 to 49 times on their investment.


“Coaching is about action, coaching is about results.
Make It Real, Make It Measurable.”


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